Are you tired of working with poor quality paints that fade, wrinkle, peel or crack over time... STOP wasting your money and time worrying about it...

This Premium Nano-technology Based Emulsion Paint Gives Deep-penetrating and long lasting aesthetics to your home and saves you 50% of paint costs by providing 2x more coverage than Other plastic paints...


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With a stunning range of beautiful colours to choose from, Krsny and Asian paints add light tranquility, warmth, opulence and depth to a room.

Krsny/ Asian paints Properties

This Nano emulsion provides better adhession to surface, stronger film integrity, excellent scrub resistance and good UV protection. Owing to its deep penetration, adhesion and binding property, we guaranty that your wall paint will last longer than conventional paint films.

Certified for Anti fungal and anti algae properties with a rating of 10

Superior washability which ensures the finish remains pristine over time

Protection against UV rays from sunlight ensures that your wall paint is protected against fading caused by direct rays of sunlight on the walls.

100% safe from harmful chemicals (zero lead, mecury, arsenic or chromium added). Completely odourless and non-toxic

We provide an unlimited array of beautiful colour options which you can select from.

Krsny Paints

Contains advancd technology that brings you brighter colours, better coverage and long-term colour protection

2x more superior coverage than plastic emulsion paint and a perfect luxury finish: In fact, 1 drum of Value super emulsion gives the same coverage as 5USG + 2USG (7USG) of Plastic Emulsion. Add one part of water to one part of VALUE Super Emulsion and get coverage of 120msq in 2 coats which is 50% more than Plastic Emulsion.

Provides 5x tougher film to withstand the wear and tear of extreme weather conditions in Nigeria. In fact, we specially manufacture Krsny paints to suit the sub saharan African climate

Tested for flame spread resistance. Asian paints range of products is one of the few emulsions to meet US Building Regulation Standards

Start using Krsny and Asian Paints and start saving big time...

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